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The revamped SEO SpyGlass New is out there to deliver the most accurate and all-inclusive backlink analysis
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3 January 2014

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With millions of sites on the web vying for attention, drawing visitors with the help search engines is increasingly becoming a bigger challenge. In case your SEO strategy is not focused, it is likely that your rankings are suffering and you would continue to draw less traffic. Now if you are looking to boost your SEO efforts then you can try using the SEO SpyGlass New 1.0b2 application that is designed to drastically improve your back linking scenario.

As opposed to a run of the mill back link assistance tool, the SEO SpyGlass New 1.0b2 offers you a comprehensive picture to improve your back linking strategy. To start with it gives you quick idea about your current back linking status and then benchmarks it against your peers. Next using its depth analysis feature you can quickly ascertain key back link factors that can affect your ranking and consider them in your strategy. The application gives you insight about your competitors are performing and displays their link status. Moreover it helps identify possible opportunities for generating relevant back links based on your domain. Moreover the tool can be used to validate your back links against new norms unleashed by Penguin and Panda updates. Google has been lately very severe on link exchange schemes and other grey activities in link building arena. With this remarkable tool you can de-risk your sites by removing links flagged by this application which are in possible violation of new Google norms. On the usability front, the application sports a very aesthetically appealing interface and options are easy to execute. The application also generates comprehensive reports which are available in multiple formats.

The SEO SpyGlass New 1.0b2 application earns a score of four rating stars on account of its superb research and analytical capabilities and is highly recommended for SEO professionals.

Publisher's description

This is one of the most long-awaited updates in SEO world: the redesign of SEO SpyGlass New. The backlink tool got totally new design, new features and became more user-friendly. The program got a brand-new core and changed algorithms of delivering backlinks. With brand new architecture and appearance, you may find backlinks even easier than before! Here is a list of the new features SEO SpyGlass New offers you:
-New task manager introduced to let you manage all the processes within 1 window + the program can now run in background without bothering you when you need to concentrate;
-Now you can stop or pause any task to be able to continue it later;
-Instead of saving your data in separate projects, SEO SpyGlass New now lets you access it all at once. The new SEO SpyGlass New saves all the information automatically on your hard drive in an all-inclusive database, which makes your program work faster and find thousands of backlinks even on less powerful computers;
-One of the richest index of the freshest backlinks (the index gets updated daily);
-Step-by-step instructions right in the program, which makes its more understandable and visual;
-New SEO factors now let you analyze your backlinks with even more precision;
-Export your data into any of the formats: CSV, TSV or XLSX;
-Task scheduler got smarter and lets you schedule tasks for any of the projects from just 1 window;
-Now you have quick presets for Human Emulation that will let you adjust these settings faster to get best performance and accuracy of the results;
-Export your reports in increased number of formats supported now: HTML, HTM, PHP, ASP, JSP, SHTM, ASPX, PDF (from now on you can choose orientation (portrait or landscape), select paper size and adjust margins);
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SEO SpyGlass New
SEO SpyGlass New
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